Transforming Ventures Consulting

The clients I work with, and people I speak with, are feeling a call to shift their business to be aligned with their core beliefs about the world. They are feeling a strong desire to have more impact in the world, to serve clients or customers with more value, love and compassion, and to provide a productive and supportive environment to their staff.

I believe that now more than ever before, the universe is asking each of us to bring our best selves, our best work forward to make the greatest impact on healing ourselves, our community and our planet.


Your business is its own entity, with its own needs, wants and sacred expression. As an interpreter of the soul of your business, I will work with you in a compassionate and supportive way to open yourself to hear what the business is asking for, and invite you to clear the path for your business to take its next best step.

Transforming Ventures Best Next Step Session - $350 (90 minutes)

In this immersive session we will explore the most pressing challenges in your business. Through our process of discovery, we can hear what your business is asking for the most, and chart a path for the next best step you, as the entrepreneur, can take to support the health and growth of your business.

Transforming Ventures Business Consulting - Starting at $5000

A custom approach using conventional and spiritual methods to support your understanding and work with the soul of your business.

We'll take a deep dive into the main blocks that are preventing your business from supporting you fully and expressing its purpose. We'll explore one or more blocks and determine a path forward to shift towards flow.


Packages are custom built, and may include the following:

  • The language of business is numbers, and I will help you to have the confidence to listen to what the soul of the business is telling you through your financials. I'll review your profit and loss statement, and work with you to prepare a three-year pro forma income statement to ensure your goals are aligned with your values and purpose, and the value and purpose of the business. (Yes, your business has a sacred purpose too!)

  • The world needs each of us to be doing our highest work in the world, including you. Interviews with your key team members will help to optimize workflow and support each individual to spend more time on tasks that have the most impact

  • We'll explore how the sacred is being revealed in your work and workplace, and discuss how to meet and enhance each invitation to allow the sacred to support you, your team, your customers and your business


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The world is moving towards a different framework and language to talk about business. Economics as a compelling force of good; business as an invitation for personal and spiritual growth. I'd be delighted to create a custom talk or workshop on a topic that would engage and enrich your staff or audience.

  • Business as an invitation for personal and spiritual growth

  • The role of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine in your work and workplace

  • Why and how to listen to your business' needs and wants

  • How social ventures are transforming the world

  • Why your business needs you to perform your highest-value work

  • Entrepreneurial readiness: the assumptions and approaches that are holding you back

Custom quote provided based on engagement.

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Speaking and Workshops