Business can walk in the footsteps

Business can walk in the footstep of God

Can hold hands with the Divine

Can dance with the forces of good

And tap into the universal energy that connects everything

And you and you and you and you

Business can skip away from the forces of darkness

Can walk with certainty on the pathway of prosperity

And turn its back on devouring, insatiable emptiness

That can never be filled and always asks for more

Business can reveal its own energy, its own Soul

Speak with a driving, calling purpose

Whispering, enticing, screaming

Business can be filled with the spirit of creativity

And the pulsing energy of action

Transmute thought into being

Business can hold fear and pain

Call in tears and the grinding of teeth

Tear open your underbelly and

Kick at your edges

Business can be a masterful, motherful teacher

A skilled revealer of your most sacred stories

That are asking to be rewritten

That are asking to be set free

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