Good & Precious

The heart of my spiritual practice is honouring and learning from the wisdom of Mary Magdalene. This is one of the messages from a recent Women's Temple:

You are good and precious beyond measure. Hold this as the truth. Anything else is mischief and illusion.

I love this sentiment and have used it as a lens to filter my experiences this past week. Am I feeling precious beyond measure? No? Well, what is the mischievous thought that is leading me away from that truth? Various things come up for me-- comparison, or spending time in the past on mistakes or embarrassments or regrets, or anxiety for my family.

I love this in a work context too. What decisions would we make if we deeply knew we were good beyond measure? And as importantly, what if we held as true that our employees, co-workers, suppliers and customers were infinitely precious?

To shift our thinking towards this truth we explore the mischievous thoughts, actions and cultural norms that are causing individuals associated with our companies to feel anything less than good beyond measure. And then work toward change and correction.

What might be revealed, what wrong paths avoided, what damage healed through this knowing? Transformational indeed.

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