Launch of Sacred @ Work Podcast!

I'm so delighted to announce the launch of my first podcast, Sacred @ Work, a production of Transforming Ventures in partnership with the incredible Pam Chaloult of Practical Feet Advising.

Why a podcast and why now?

Through my own life's journey and years of experiences working with clients in many sectors, one thing that I know for sure is that our current systems are crying out for change. The traditional political, social, family, health, education, and of course work systems are starting to fail, asking us to create new structures built on equity, justice, co-creation and a rebalancing with the divine feminine. I am being called, as I believe we all are, to speak up for truth and connection and love in all areas of our lives. The exploration of the sacred has changed every aspect of my life in the most profound way, and this podcast is an invitation to explore the sacred in your own life.

The Sacred@Work podcast is designed to offer a full expression and voice to the feelings and desires so many of us are experiencing. Over the past couple of years Pam and I have delved deeper into our own spiritual paths while being in weekly conversations about the impact (sometimes painful and more often than not, profoundly empowering) of practising what we are learning and living. These dynamic discussions and experiments have enabled us to completely trust that our individual work actually benefits all of us.

In this podcast we will offer up an inside look at our playground of curiosity about our connection to the sacred, our big “AHA” moments, and some practical tips on how to navigate these uncharted waters of change. Our invitation is to provide greater resonance, a deeper understanding, and an exchange of ideas for those who are curious or exploring a similar path of inquiry.

Have a listen to our first two episodes and join us on this bi-weekly sacred journey of uncovering our truest selves whether in business or in life because after all, Sacred is Always at Work.

If you would like to support the production and distribution of this podcast, we invite you to become a monthly member on Patreon or provide a one-time contribution via PayPal. You have my deepest thanks.

To suggest future topics or to let us know about your own spiritual journey, feel free to email me at or

You can also find Sacred @ Work on Spotify.

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