What's Compassion Got to Do With It?

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There is no lack of research and practice when it comes to the simple and yet complex act of compassion. Experts have based their entire careers on this exploration and many of us take it for granted and can often be heard saying “just show a little compassion.” But what does that actually mean? In this latest episode Pam and I share our journeys with compassion and why it’s seemingly much easier to be compassionate with others than it is with ourselves.

Tools and practices for compassion included in this episode:

  • Finding the connection between self-esteem and self-compassion

  • How to take your compassion muscle out for a workout

  • Exploring the root of compassion - connection!

Resources shared in this episode:

Healing in the Deep Ocean of Grief by Bryan Welch, CEO Mindful

Self-Compassion.org, Dr. Kristin Neff

Greater Good Science Center

A Course in Miracles

The Inner Work of Racial Justice, Rhonda V. Magee

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